We delete your phone data and recycle it safely

Want to dispose of your old phone but are worried about your personal data?

Many of us have old phones we are reluctant to give away because we are worries the personal data on it might fall into the wrong hands. Our old phones have bank details, personal notes, pictures or contacts that can be used by criminal elements for identity theft or fraud.

With our free service we make sure all your details are completely wiped from your phone’s hard drive with enterprise tools, and your data is unrecoverable even by the most persistent criminal elements.

To cut down on environmental waste we try not to dispose of your wiped phones unless absolutely necessary. We refurbish and re-use your phones or donate them to charity.

How it works

Fill in the address form and we will send you an envelope you can use to post your old phone to us.

We receive your phone, wipe the data clean using enterprise software. We refurbish or safely dispose of your phone – Simple!

We will send you a confirmation when your phone data has been wiped.

Complete the form to request an envelope

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes! We use enterprise class data wiping tools to completely wipe your data.

While some tools just wipe the data on the surface, criminal element can still recover data from your phone’s hard drive. We make sure the data is unrecoverable.

We take all smart phones, from Android to iPhones, to Windows, and Blackberry phones.

If your phone is not charged we will charge it.

If we we are unable charge or get access to your phone (due to faulty battery or other issues) we will physically destroy your phone so that your data is unrecoverable.

We would prefer if your phone was unlocked when you send it to us but not to worry if you’ve forgotten your PIN. We can still access your phone to delete your data.

Yes. You can send up to 5 phones in the same envelope. If you need to send more phones please order another envelope from us.

Depending on the condition of the phone, we will either

  • Safely recycle it

  • Give it to charity

  • Refurbish and sell it. (Selling some phones allows us to give you the free service of deleting your phone data)

Yes. This is a free service.

No. At the moment we don’t provide this service. But if you would like your phone back after we’ve deleted the data, please contact and re-arrange this with us before you send us the phone. There will be a fee associated with this request.